Claudia O’Doherty (words)

Prior to becoming a leading pandologist, Claudia O’Doherty had a lot of time on her hands. A native of the Southern Hemisphere, she has a higher tolerance of lizards than her co-authors, and has probably been closer to a man-eating shark at some stage.

David O’Doherty (words)

A teenage triple jump bronze medallist, the young David O’Doherty failed to excel academically but was recognised for his punctuality. His recent dreams include The One Where He is in Steely Dan, The One Where he Gets Chased Down The Corridors of His Old School and one he calls simply Xanadu. He once claimed to have written the song Liar, Liar (Pants on Fire) but this has now been proven to be false.

Mike Ahern (pictures)

Mike grew up in the country but moved to city to be closer to the internet. He enjoys texting. To prepare for this project, he spent a month in Southern China, sketching and photographing a cupboard of pandas in the wild. At the end of the month however, it was revealed that the cupboard was a Dublin family and Mike had been living in the bushes in their back garden. The whole thing had been the result of a ticketing mix-up. He does not have a catchphrase.