28 September 2010
Penguin Release 100 Facts about Pandas in the USA!

18 August 2010
100 Facts About Pandas gets into 75 Greatest Penguin Book Covers of All Time! (Even though the book is not even released yet). You can read a review of this book here.

17 October 2009
David does a radio interview to promote the book where the man has clearly done no research and thinks David is a leading anthropologist.

16 October 2009
100 Facts About Pandas reviewed on todays Creative Review Blog.

11 October 2009
Claudia has won the award for Best Comedy Show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival for her show Monster of the Deep 3D!

1 October 2009
100 Facts About Pandas is published in Ireland and UK by Square Peg. The book is also due out in Australia on December 1st.